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Healthy During the Pandemic by Andrew Hidayat KPK Session (A Cool Entrepreneur's Story)

Rabu, 16 September 2020

 We Back Again,With  the Andrew Hidayat KPK session (The Story of a Cool Entrepreneur) was present with an article that might be useful for you, but at this moment Andrew Hidayat the KPK did not discuss tips and tricks on how to become a successful entrepreneur.

Unlike in the previous session Andrew Hidayat KPK session which often discusses success stories and tips and tricks on becoming a successful entrepreneur, in this article Andrew Hidayat's session will discuss how to be healthy during the Pandemic.

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It is known that during the Covid-19 pandemic, many of the world's population felt fear and stress instead of being afraid of becoming victims, but calm is not the Andrew Hidayat KPK session if you can't provide tips and tricks for readers and loyal fans of the Andrew Hidayat KPK session.

The Covid-19 pandemic has indeed brought about various changes in human life. Starting from activities such as work and learning activities that are carried out at home, a number of plans that must be canceled, to changes in patterns and lifestyles by prioritizing health. Of course, this lifestyle must be maintained, especially when it will soon enter a new normal life.

With the implementation of the new normal, people can return to their activities including working as before but still applying health protocols. However, according to a survey, 73 percent of respondents are concerned about the possible spread of diseases, including the coronavirus, when returning to their normal work routine.

Here are tips for maintaining health during a pandemic in the style of the Andrew Hidayat KPK Session:

1. Increase your intake of nutritious food. 

By adopting a healthy and nutritious diet, the quality of health and endurance will certainly increase. One of the foods that are good for endurance is foods rich in vitamin C and vitamin B complex.

2. Get enough water. 

Drinking at least 8 glasses a day can help the body not easily become dehydrated and can improve body health.

3.Regular exercise. 

Entering the new normal, you should still get used to exercising before doing daily activities.

4.Get enough rest. 

Sleep can help maximize metabolism and maintain endurance. Try to get a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep per day.

5. Help with a multivitamin. 

Help your body meet its daily vitamin needs by taking a multivitamin regularly. You can take a multivitamin that contains vitamin C to help boost your immune system and maintain your immune system.

6. Use a mask when going out of the house. 

Use a cloth mask when going to public places. Masks can prevent the spread of the virus by protecting the face from the droplets of someone who contains Covid-19.

7.Apply physical distancing. 

Make sure you keep your distance and don't make too close contact with other people, unless absolutely necessary. Don't forget to always avoid crowds in crowded places.

8.Wash your hands regularly. 

Always wash your hands with soap and water, especially after touching objects in public spaces. If you don't have a sink or toilet, use a hand sanitizer to clean your hands.

9.Clean the surface of the object with a disinfectant. 

For objects or items that you often touch and take outside the house, they can be cleaned with disinfectants regularly. For example, clean the cellphone, wallet, or grocery bag that you use frequently.

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